The NBP Solid-State MALSR Control Cabinet (MCC), FAA Type (FA-21000), replaces the MALSR Control and Power Assembly manufactured by DME, AVW, and Godfrey. It eliminates high frequency of nuisance breaker tripping, excessive transformer excitation currents, excessive control failures and high harmonic distortion. It provides relief for the high maintenance and logistics archaic and obsolete components such as mechanical contactors. The operation of the Solid State MCC is designed to significantly extend the life of the steady burning lamps as well as all other components throughout the system. The Solid State MCC accepts the same control commands now used by the current MALSR electromechanical systems. The low, medium, high and off commands, supplied locally or remotely, control the NBP Solid-State MCC. All output signals, including those of the transformer, flashers and Remote Monitoring System (RMS), are equivalent to those now used by the current electromechanical systems.

The NBP MALSR Solid-State MCC software is equipped with a proprietary current zero crossing algorithms. The current zero crossing algorithm allows the steady-burning approach lights (SBALs) to switch to the selected brightness level (LOW, MED, HIGH) without generating any transient noise or inrush current spikes.