ICMS is a monitor and control system that automates the interface to navigation and lighting aids equipment in an airport facility. ICMS accomplishes this automation in a No-Single-Point-of-Failure architecture. This means that any component of ICMS can fail and ICMS will report the loss of that component and will continue to function. The interface to the remote equipment is accomplished with redundant industrial grade computers, called Concentrators. These Concentrators are linked to numerous ICMS workstations over dual redundant LANs. They collect status data from the Concentrators and present it to the user in a Graphical User Interface (GUI). ICMS also provides automated category management for each runway based on the status of all relevant navigation and lighting aids equipment. All commands sent to the remote equipment and status changes received from the remote equipment are time and date stamped and logged into an Archive File to achieve a “Black Box” on the ground feature. The installation and use of ICMS requires no modification to the remote equipment. ICMS can easily be modified to support other existing and future equipment.