About Seaport

SeaPort Enhanced or SeaPort-e is the US Navy's contracting vehicle of choice for the procurement of engineering, technical, logistics, program management, and financial support services. It is an indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity multiple award contract awarded by NAVSEA.

SeaPort-e supports all cost reimbursable type contracts with the exception of T&M and sole source contracts. It has a 15 year period of performance, valid through April 2019. New Bedford Panoramex Corp is in five of seven geographic regions.

Contract number: N00178-16-D-8912

Functional Areas

- Research and Development Support
- Engineering, System Engineering and Process Engineering Support
- Modeling, Simulation, Stimulation, and Analysis support
- Prototyping, Pre-Production, Model-Making, and Fabrication Support
- Software Engineering, Development, Programming, and Network Support
- Interoperability, Test and Evaluation, Trials Support

Regional Zone

Zone 2 - National Capital Zone
Zone 4 - Gulf Coast Zone
Zone 5 - Midwest Zone
Zone 6 - Southwest Zone
Zone 7 - Northwest Zone

Points of Contact: (Customer satisfaction & SeaPort-E program information)

Bryce Nielsen
Tel: (909) 982-9806 ext 211

Andrea Orr
Tel: (612) 237-3862

Contract Details

Active: Yes
Category: SeaPort Enhanced
Contract Number: N00178-16-D-8912
Website URL:
Address: 1480 N. Claremont Blvd.

Claremont, CA 91711 - 3538


Here at NBP, we have always said: “Quality is an essential component in everything we do.”, after over 50 years of business, we are are still committed to designing, producing, and delivering products and services that meet or exceed the quality requirements of our customers. Regular audits, multi level conformance checking, and independent ISO 9001-2015 certification is just a few steps taken to ensure all of NBP’s products & services are held to the highest standards. Our entire team is dedicated to continually improving the effectiveness of our quality assurance system by providing a framework for establishing and reviewing our quality objectives. NBP takes a tremendous amount of pride in manufacturing here in the United States and is always interested in receiving feedback from its customers, partners and end-users. We consider all feedback to be good feedback as it helps us to constantly improve our procedures, products and level of service. To send an Email to NBP corp.’s Quality Manager:

The Team


Key Personnel Job Title Experience
Bryce Nielsen Vice President Finance/ Contracts Mr. Nielsen is responsible for all aspects of Contract, Administration, business, and financial management at NBP. Mr. Nielsen has over 35 years of experience in FAA, DOD, DOE, as well as commercial contracts, administration, business, and financial management. Mr. Nielsen has a BA from Utah State University and a MBA from Brigham Young University. He reports to NBP’s President/CEO and has been an employee of NBP since 1983.
Ken Castellanos Project Engineer Mr. Castellanos has worked in electronic hardware and software design for over 30,years. His designs include analog/mixed signal, RF, high-speed digital, and incorporated electronic equipment. He also works with layouts of electronic PCB designs including surface mount and thru-hole technology. Ken creates, develops, and debugs software, applications for micro-controllers, microprocessors and PLDs in assembly, C, and Vhdl. He is also involved in the design of ALSF, MALSR, RCS, and ICMS. He reports to NBP’s Engineering Manager and has been an employee of NBP since 1986.
Victor Zamora Project Engineer Mr. Zamora has worked on several projects involving the design, manufacture, test, and installation of solar electronics and Bio Robotics. He has worked as a Test Engineer on products such as Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC’s) and other industrial electronics. Since joining NBP, Mr.,Zamora has worked with all facets of our RLMS products including sustaining, engineering, troubleshooting, test and installation. Mr. Zamora holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering. He reports to NBP’s Engineering Manager and has been an employee of NBP since 2015.
Ken Harter Manufacturing Manager Mr. Harter has over 43 years of experience in FAA, DOD, DOE, and commercial production of mechanical fabrication and electronics products. He is thoroughly knowledgeable in all aspects of production including assembly, soldering, conformal coating, mechanical tooling, machine shop programming and final assembly. He has been NBP's Production Manager for the past 37 years on various major programs including ON-143, ARMS, RRCS,,PAPI, ALSF, Localizer Antenna, Strap, and SLEP among many others. He reports to NBP’s General Manager and has been an employee of NBP since 1972.
Fernando Ramirez Configuration Manager Mr. Ramirez has over 36 years of experience in the engineering,field. He began working in the,engineering services department responsible for generating and maintaining all design and drawing packages. In 2001 Mr. Ramirez was promoted to the,position of Engineering Services Manager, overseeing the duties of Configuration Management which includes configuration, identification, document control, release management, configuration status accounting, and configuration auditing. Since that time he has worked on all FAA programs, including the Light Emitting Diode (LED), Precision Approach Path Indicator, (PAPI) and the Replacement Lamp Monitoring Subsystem (RLMS). He graduated in,1979 with a degree in Mechanical Engineering Design from Los Angeles Trade,Technical college. He reports to NBP’s General Manager and has been an employee of NBP since 1990.
Michael Neilsen Quality Manager Mr. Nielsen is NBP’s Quality Manager and has over 20 years working and managing in the quality department. He is thoroughly knowledgeable in ISO 9001, AS9100, performing internal and vendor audits, vendor qualifications, corrective & preventive actions, and controlling non-conforming product. His professional career path has included working with contracts in military, space, FAA, customized computer systems, traffic, alternate energy solutions, cable tv and as technical product manager for specialized distribution products. His qualifications include Bachelor of Science Degree in Engineering and a certified lead auditor in AS9100:2009. He reports to NBP’s President/CEO and has been an employee of NBP since 2016.
Fernanda Torres Contracts Specialist Fernanda joined NBP as our new Pricing and Contract Analyst in December 2018. She graduated from California State University-Los Angeles with a B.S. in Business Administration with an option in Operations. Her background is in management, accounting, and sales. She plans to get her MBA in the next few years.
Steve Mayfield Sr. Software Engineer Mr. Mayfield has over 45 years of experience in the design, implementation, and deployment of software based real time data acquisition and analysis systems (ICMS). These include embedded processors as well as PC based systems for the telecommunications, semiconductor, chemical, petrochemical and aerospace industries. At NBP, he was given the responsibility for the completion, testing, and maintenance of all software for the ALSF, RLMS, MALSR Control Cabinet, Low Voltage ICC, and LED PAPI programs. He is currently assigned to the ICMS program as the Program Manager as well as one of the principle software design engineers. Mr. Mayfield holds B.S. degrees in Electrical Engineering and Mathematics. He started with NBP as a contractor in 1995 and has been an employee since 1996.


Customer: Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration

Contract Number: DTFAWA-10-D-00018
Contract Type: Firm fixed Price (FFP)
Total Contract Value: $ 16,722,476 USD
Duration: 60 months
Contracting Officer: Dwayne Berry, phone (202) 267-9910

Summary: This contract is provide all hardware and software related to the product lines listed below as well as Engineering Services, Site Surveys, Installations, Technical Support and Tooling & Test Equipment.
Remote Lamp Monitoring System (RLMS)
Lead-In System (LDIN)
Medium Intensity Approach Lighting System with Runway Alignment Indicator Lights (MALSR)
Next Gen Remote Radio Control System (RRCS)
Remote Radio Control Interface Unit (RRCIU)
Low Voltage Individual Control Cabinet (LVICC)

Customer: Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration

Contract Number: DTFAWA-10-D-00037
Contract Type: Firm fixed Price (FFP)
Contract Value: $ 19,808,441 USD
Duration: Not to exceed 84 months
Contracting Officer: Dwayne Berry, phone (202) 267-9910
Summary: This contract is to deliver approved LED PAPI Systems as well as Depot Test Equipment and Depot Spares to the FAA. This contract required the design and development of both hardware and software, training of customer personnel, Environmental Testing and an overall implementation plan for the LED PAPI System.

The system includes:
1. One Power and Control Assembly (PCA)
2. Four Lamp Housing Assemblies (LHA)
3. One Aiming Instrument Set
4. Twelve Leg Mounting and Alignment Hardware Assemblies
5. One set of Site Spares
6. Two Technical Instruction Manuals
7. One copy of the Production Acceptance Test Report

Customer: Department of Transportation, Federal Aviation Administration

Contract Number: DTFACC-12-C-00026
Contract Type: Definitive Contract
Contract Value: $ 956,856 USD
Duration: Not to exceed 60 months
Contracting Officer: Sherrie L. Files
Program Manager: Steve Mayfield, phone (909) 982-9806
Summary: This contract is to provide warranty technical support, repair and maintenance services for all 16 major U.S. airport sites that have installed Integrated Control and Monitoring Systems (ICMS). This support can include system repair and maintenance, site upgrade and installation, telephone and computer support as well as customer support on trouble shooting or problem analysis.